Allocations Policy

To be considered for accommodation, applicants must:

  • Have served in the Armed Forces
  • Be willing to engage with the employment, enterprise and training opportunities available
  • Need housing and be able to make Entrain Space your main residence.

Housing Need is defined as follows: Applicants who may be homeless, threatened with impending homelessness, inadequately or inappropriately housed or in other housing need (such as needing to save for a deposit) and are without the financial resources to make their own provision by renting in the private sector or buying their own home immediately. All veterans where these circumstances apply will be given priority. 


Reasons for rejecting an application may include (but are not limited to):

  • The Trust does not have appropriate size or type of accommodation
  • The applicant’s circumstances result in ‘Low Priority’ housing need. We would not want to raise unrealistic expectation of housing in these circumstances
  • The applicant is unwilling or unable to engage in the available training and employment opportunities
  • The applicant has serious criminal conviction(s), proven antisocial behaviour or previous breaches of tenancy conditions
  • The applicant gives false information
  • The applicant has a financial or legal interest in a property. 


The Trust aims to create a balanced community and ensure appropriate use of the program and therefore does not adopt a rigid approach to the allocation of its properties. Factors affecting allocations may include:

  • Property size to be matched to the applicant’s needs
  • Properties with existing adaptations may be allocated to applicants who need those adaptations
  • Applicants demonstrating a willingness to engage with external agencies, where appropriate.


Applications and tenancy allocations are monitored to ensure fair treatment. Decisions to accept or reject an application or offer accommodation will be made by a minimum of two Trust representatives.


You can send your completed form to:

Alex Rochester, Erskine House, Buckeridge Road, Wilton SP2 0AG

Alternatively please email to request that an application form is posted to you, remembering to give your full name and address.